Our magnetoelectric measuring solution allows contactless measurement of liquids in tubing systems. Next to various liquids, fluid properties (such as pH values ​​or ionic concentrations) can be detected. Our functional fluidic connectors are manufactured using 3D printing and allow a high degree of flexibility in channel arrangements and channel sizes.

Fluidic magnetoelectric platform

  • Detection and characterization of liquids (mixtures) in tubings
  • Sterile and non-contact measurements in continuous or segmented flow
  • Contactless measurement of liquids without the addition of secondary materials, regardless of critical liquid properties (pH values, oxidative properties)

Functional fluidic connectors

  • Transparent, functional connectors for micro- and millifluidic applications
  • Great design options for the channel arrangements and dimensions (up to 500 µm), length and shape of the channels, as well as the introduction of threads and gaps
  • Choice of different material properties (transparency, biocompatibility, mechanical / thermal load capacity, …)

Air coils

  • Compact (∼5 mm x 1.5 mm) coreless air coils for electrotechnical applications
  • Different inner diameters with
    inductances in the µH range (2 – 10 mm & 20 – 100 µH)
  • Great interest in research and development collaborations and projects relating to custom-made coils