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The Helmholtz Innovation Laboratory FlexiSens focuses on the development and application of a flexible and printable magnetic field sensor (Hall effect and magnetoresistive effects). Furthermore, FlexiSens deals with contactless magnetoelectric measurements in milli- and microfluidic contexts, as well as researching milli- and microfluidic connectors and functional fluidic geometries.

Our Products

Magnetic Field Sensors

Due to their extremely thin and unconventional mechanical properties, our flexible and printed sensors can be applied not only to various flat but also curved objects. Our technology enables new fields of applications of magnetic field sensors and the realization of printed magnetic field sensors.


Our magnetoelectric measuring solution allows contactless measurement of liquids in tubing systems. Next to various liquids, fluid properties (such as pH values ​​or ionic concentrations) can be detected. Our functional fluidic connectors are manufactured using 3D printing and allow a high degree of flexibility in channel arrangements and channel sizes.

Our Technology Offers

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